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Bill Naughton Biography

(1910–92), My Flesh, My Blood, Alfie Elkins and His Little Life, Spring and Port Wine

alfie lancashire life

British playwright, born in Co. Mayo, raised in Lancashire. After leaving school he was variously employed as a lorry driver, weaver, and coal-bagger before turning seriously to drama. His first plays were for the radio, but two of them, My Flesh, My Blood (1957) and Alfie Elkins and His Little Life (1962), were subsequently adapted by him for the stage, and respectively became the highly successful Spring and Port Wine (1964), about family stresses in a patriarchal northern household, and Alfie (1963), about the sexual adventures of a spry yet clearly somewhat inadequate Don Juan. Like All in Good Time (1963), about the difficulties a young couple have in consummating their marriage, these are both comedies, in the tradition of such other Lancashire playwrights as Harold Brighouse and Stanley Houghton; and they are notable for their good-humoured yet unsentimental observation of working-class life. Naughton has also published several novels, including a version of Alfie in 1966, some short stories, and two volumes of autobiography, A Roof over Your Head (1945) and Pony Boy (1966).

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over 7 years ago

Your list dates Naughton's Pony Boy, a novel for children, from 1966. I have just secured a very old copy of it published, according to the flyleaf, in 1946. Did Naughton, perhaps, re-write his story? I remember reading it in childhood which, though not as long ago as that, pre-dates 1966.