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Aidan Mathews (Aidan Carl Mathews) Biography

(1956– ), (Aidan Carl Mathews), Antigone, The Diamond Body, Exit/Entrance, Windfalls, Minding Ruth

dublin irish collections include

Irish poet, playwright, and novelist, born in Dublin, educated at University College, Dublin and Trinity College, Dublin. He gained the Teaching Fellowship of Creative Literature at Stanford University, California, between 1981 and 1983, then returned to Ireland, and became a producer for Radio Telefis Eireann. His plays include a version of Antigone (1984), The Diamond Body (1985), and Exit/Entrance (1988). His other works include two significant collections of poetry, Windfalls (1977) and Minding Ruth (1983); collections of short stories, Adventures in a Bathyscope (1988) and Lipstick on the Host (1992); and the novel Muesli at Midnight (1990).Mathews is of a generation of Irish writers more likely to identify with the international traveller rather than the emigrant or exile.

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