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Una Marson (Una Maud Marson) Biography

(1905–65), (Una Maud Marson), Tropic Reveries, Heights and Depths, The Moth and the Star

england secretary broadcaster poems

Jamaican poet, playwright, and broadcaster, born in Jamaica, and educated there and at Hampton School, Malvern. She went to England in 1932, where she became secretary to the League of Coloured Peoples, and private secretary to Haile Selassie, the exiled Ethiopian Emperor. During her second period in England (193847) she was a broadcaster with the BBC. As an author, she is best known for her poetry, which was published in Tropic Reveries (1930), Heights and Depths (1931), and The Moth and the Star (1937). Her collection Towards the Stars (1945) includes many of the poems of earlier collections. She experimented to great effect in vernacular and ‘blues’ poems, but was equally fluent in more formal style, such as the tersely epigrammatic ‘Politeness’.

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almost 8 years ago

It is next to impossible to find on line the words of Marson's poem which starts with "I regret nothing" and end with "why should I sorroring go, have I not lived?"...can anyone help?