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Sara Maitland Biography

(1950– ), Daughter of Jerusalem, Virgin Territory, A Map of the New Country, Three Times Table

feminist women london book

British novelist and short-story writer, born in London, educated at Oxford University, where she became interested in reconciling feminist principles with Christianity. Her first novel, Daughter of Jerusalem (1978; Somerset Maugham Prize, 1979), was a feminist reworking of Old and New Testament stories and concerned women and fertility. Feminist themes were similarly explored in her novel Virgin Territory (1984) and in a collection of essays, A Map of the New Country (1983), examining the role of women in the Christian Church. Three Times Table (1990) is set in a London house during a single night, in which three women of different generations reflect upon the choices they have made and the significant options open to them. Home Truths (1993), which probes the dynamics of a large family and unravels self-deceipt, was followed by Hagiographies (1996). Maitland has also published several volumes of short stories, including Telling Tales (1983), which includes a feminist version of the Creation myth and an account of the life of a female Pope, A Book of Spells (1987), and Women Fly when Men Aren't Watching (1993). She has also published a book of Greek myths, Pandora's Box (1995).

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about 8 years ago

Tis a pity you call the magnificent Creation a "myth."

Nothing could be further from the truth than the pitiful theory of Evolution. I do not say this as a religious person would, although I am a believer in Christ Jesus.

I say this because, as much as evolution sounds logical, or "scientific", it leaves out the love of God, by which ALL things came to be, for His pleasure. Remove God's intention from the equation, and we are left with a purposeless life, and no need to seek redemption for our misbehaviors (sins). No need for Jesus. No need for morality. No need for kindness. Evolution is as cynical as it's creator, Darwin, was. (Read his own thoughts on the matter, near the end of his life. He was uncertain and conflicted.)

When a person has had an experience with God, by the power of the holy Spirit, they KNOW that God is loving and true. He removes all doubt. And it becomes irrefutably obvious that He CREATED this universe. It didn't create itself out of nothing.