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Douglas Lepan Biography

(1914– ), The Wounded Prince, The Net and the Sword, Something Still to Find, The Deserter

toronto poetry novel writing

Canadian writer, born in Toronto, educated at Toronto and Oxford Universities. LePan has moved between careers as a diplomat and politician, as an academic in London and Washington, and as a professor of English at Queen's University and the University of Toronto. His published writing includes the poetry collections The Wounded Prince (1948), The Net and the Sword (1953), and Something Still to Find (1982); and The Deserter (1964), a novel centred on the figure of a hunted man and a quest for faith. The poetry is characterized by its use of sharply realized sensual impressions and a concern with Canadian identity at home and abroad. Like his novel, it inveighs against the destruction of war. Bright Glass of Memory (1979) engages with the problematics of writing autobiography.

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