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Tom Leonard Biography

(1944– ), Poems, Bunnit. Husslin, Ghostie Men, Situations Theoretical and Contemporary, Intimate Voices, Sane Words Rhyme

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Scottish poet, born in Glasgow, where he was educated at the University. In addition to his activities as a writer, he has worked in a variety of clerical capacities. Poems (1973) confirmed his reputation as a poet of stylistic versatility and seriocomic power. While much of Leonard's poetry is written in Glasgow dialect, the highly inventive and politically outspoken character of his work is equally apparent in his use of standard English. His other collections of poems include Bunnit. Husslin (1975), Ghostie Men (1980), Situations Theoretical and Contemporary (1986), Intimate Voices (1984; collected verse from 1965 to 1983), and Sane Words Rhyme (1994). Satires and Profanities (1984), Two Member's Monologues (1989), and On the Mass Bombing of Kuwait, Commonly Known as the ‘Gulf War’ (1992) are among Leonard's satirical and polemical prose writings, which share his poetry's passionate concern with political ethics and social justice; Reports from the Present: Selected Work 1982–94 (1995) contains poetry, prose, and performance pieces. Places of the Mind (1993) is a critical biography of James Thomson.

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