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Gerald Kersh Biography

(1911–68), Night and the City, Fowler's End, They Die with Their Boots Clean


British writer, born in Middlesex; he lived in the USA and became an American citizen in 1959. Much of his work was set in the East End of London, including Night and the City (1938), which evocatively reflects this background during the pre-war period, and Fowler's End (1957), a later and more humorous account. He served in the Second World War, and in They Die with Their Boots Clean (1941) and several other works he vividly engaged with the horrors of war. Other works include The Weak and the Strong (1945), a thriller; Prelude to a Certain Midnight (1947), a detective novel; The Great Wash (1953), science fiction; and stories collected in The Horrible Dummy (1944), The Brighton Monster (1953), and Men without Bones (1955).

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