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Naomi Jacob Biography

(1884–1964), Jacob Ussher, Four Generations, The Lenient God, This Porcelain Clay, They Left the Land

marie generations stage yorkshire

British novelist and biographer, born in Yorkshire. She had a long association with the stage, making her first appearance as an actress in 1920. Her first novel, Jacob Ussher (1926), was followed by several others before the very successful Four Generations (1934), a story of a wealthy family of English Jews. Of her many other novels the most notable are The Lenient God (1937), This Porcelain Clay (1939), and They Left the Land (1940), a study of three Yorkshire generations. She also wrote a series of autobiographies, the last of which, Me—and the Stage (1964), was published a month before she died, and a biography of Marie Lloyd, Our Marie (1936).

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