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Geoffrey Household (Geoffrey Edward West Household) Biography

(1900–88), (Geoffrey Edward West Household), Rogue Male, Rogue Justice, Watcher in the Shadows, Dance of Dwarfs

rogue writer college

British writer, born in Bristol, educated at Clifton College and at Magdalen College, Oxford. He achieved recognition as a writer of adventure stories with Rogue Male (1939), which establishes the characteristic Household protagonist (a solitary, self-reliant English gentleman) and sets him against an unnamed but recognizably Nazi European dictator and his regime. The pursuit continues in its sequel Rogue Justice (1982). These and other works such as Watcher in the Shadows (1960) and Dance of Dwarfs (1968) are similar in tradition to the work of J. Buchan. The Third Hour (1937) was a utopian discourse set in South America. Several late novels, including The Sending (1980), Summon the Bright Water (1981), and Arrows of Desire (1985), attempted fantasy themes with some success.

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