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Cecelia Holland (Cecelia Anastasia Holland) Biography

(1943– ), (Cecelia Anastasia Holland), The Firedrake, The Death of Attila, The Belt of Gold


American novelist, born in Nevada, educated at Pennsylvania State University. Most of her novels are based on historical subjects including her first, The Firedrake (1966), which explores past history from the fall of Rome onwards. The Death of Attila (1973) and The Belt of Gold (1984) encompass the Dark Ages; Until the Sun Falls (1969) is set in Mongol Asia; The Earl (1971) and several companion volumes deal with medieval Europe; and Home Ground (1981) is set in the contemporary world, as is Pacific Street (1992). Even her first science fiction tale, Floating Worlds (1976), unfolds an environment which seems to reflect some actual domain.

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almost 3 years ago

Hi. Im only 15 and a freshman in Buffalo Ny. your books are great.