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John Godber (John Harry Godber) Biography

(1956– ), (John Harry Godber), Up ‘n’ Under, Bouncers, Teechers, On the Piste, The Ritz

plays director

British playwright, born in Upton, Yorkshire, educated at Bretton Hall College and the University of Leeds. After working as a schoolteacher, in 1984 he became artistic director of the Hull Truck Theatre Company, where he has directed the first productions of most of his plays. Predominantly in the mode of comic social commentary, Godber's plays often deal with events and activities within the common experience of the northern audiences that are his primary constituency. His remark that ‘the dancer not the poet is the father of the theatre’ reflects the emphasis on live performance that underlies his procedures as a writer-director who stimulates improvisation in bringing his works to production. Up ‘n’ Under (1984), Bouncers (1984), Teechers (1987), and On the Piste (1990) are among his best-known plays. He has also written extensively for several popular television shows and scripted the successful The Ritz (1987) series. His other plays include Blood, Sweat, and Tears (1986), Happy Families (1991), and The Office Party (1992).

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almost 6 years ago

His work is ubergood.