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G. F. Dutton (Geoffrey Fraser Dutton) Biography

(1924– ), (Geoffrey Fraser Dutton), Camp One, Squaring the Waves, The Concrete Garden, The Ridiculous Mountains

scottish scotland collection published

British poet, born on the Welsh borders, of Anglo-Scottish parentage. He has lived most of his life in Scotland and has published works on a variety of subjects, including enzymology and mountaineering. His first full-length collection, Camp One (1978), received a New Writing Award from the Scottish Arts Council. Squaring the Waves (1986), which attracted a wider critical response, was followed by The Concrete Garden (1991). The austere landscape around his home in a mountainous region of Perthshire and his active interest in the coastal and inland waters of Scotland are essential themes of his poetry. His style is extremely economical; a rigorous imagism is fashioned into slender, concentrated poems which often incorporate smooth mechanisms of rhyme and metre to highly unusual effect. He has also published a collection of short stories entitled The Ridiculous Mountains (1984).

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