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Seamus Deane Biography

(1940– ), Gradual Wars, Rumours, History Lessons, Selected Poems, Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing

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Irish poet and cultural historian, born in Derry City, educated at Queen's University, Belfast, and at Cambridge University. In 1968 he began lecturing at University College, Dublin, where he became Professor of English and American Literature in 1980. His poetry, in which social and political themes combine tellingly with personal experience, is collected in Gradual Wars (1972), Rumours (1975), and History Lessons (1985); Selected Poems appeared in 1988. A founding member of the Field Day Theatre Company, he edited the three-volume Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing (1991), the most comprehensive work of its kind to date. His principal scholarly works include Celtic Revivals: Essays in Modern Irish Literature (1985), A Short History of Irish Literature, 1580–1980 (1986), and The French Enlightenment and Revolution in England, 1789–1832 (1988).

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over 4 years ago

I am so impressed by the introduction by Seamus Deane of A Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man that I had to do something to thank the author Deane. I am 76. an English major and am just getting into the effect that James Joyce had on the Irish people. I would love the opportunity to meet Seamus Deane. Does he ever visit Naples Florida?
The introduction was in the Penguin Books edition of the above Joyce book and I am thoroughly enjoying the read.