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John Crowley Biography

(1942– ), The Deep, Engine Summer, Little, Big, Aegypt, Love and Sleep, Novelty

america fantasy rural set

American novelist, born in Presque Isle, Maine, educated at Indiana University. His work has developed from its roots in science fiction through fantasy to magic realism. His first novel, The Deep (1975), replays the Wars of the Roses on an artificial planet in the depths of space; Engine Summer (1979) depicts a disintegrated rural America. Crowley's most accomplished work, Little, Big (1981), a fantasy set in America, is the chronicle of a family's involvement with the supernatural. Aegypt (1987) is an erudite fantasy on an alternative history of the world; set in rural America, it follows its protagonist, Pierce Moffat, on a quest for hermetic knowledge. Love and Sleep (1994) is the second volume in the projected sequence. Crowley's short stories are collected in Novelty (1989).

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