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Jayne Cortez Biography

(1936– ), Celebrations and Solitudes, Unsubmissive Blues, There It Is, Maintain Control, Everywhere Drums, Festivals and Funerals


African-American jazz poet, born in Arizona. She has performed her poetry throughout the USA, Africa, Europe, and Latin America, and has made videos and recordings of her work, such as Celebrations and Solitudes (1975), Unsubmissive Blues (1980), There It Is (1982), Maintain Control (1987), and Everywhere Drums (1990). Characteristically political and topical, her poems are most effective when heard but also have impressive visual movement and musicality on the page and have been widely anthologized and translated. Her books include Festivals and Funerals (1971), Scarifications (1973), Coagulations: New and Selected Poems (1984), and Poetic Magnetic (1991).

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