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J. J. Connington, pseudonym of Alfred Walter Stewart Biography

(1880–1947), pseudonym of Alfred Walter Stewart, Death at Swaythling Court, The Eye in the Museum

fiction detective glasgow chemistry

Scottish academic and detective fiction writer, born in Glasgow, educated at the universities of Glasgow, Marburg, and London. He was Professor of Chemistry from 1919 to 1944 at Queen's University, Belfast, and author of a number of respected treatises on chemistry. As Connington, he wrote over twenty solid and entertaining detective stories, beginning with Death at Swaythling Court (1926), in which the investigation is usually carried out either by Superintendent Ross (The Eye in the Museum, 1929; The Two Tickets Puzzle, 1930) or, more often, by Chief Constable Sir Clinton Driffield (Murder in the Maze, 1927; The Sweepstake Murders, 1931). As Connington he also published an unusual science fiction novel, Nordenholt's Millions (1923).

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