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Orson Scott Card Biography

(1951– ), A Woman of Destiny, Saints, The Folk of the Fringe, Ender's Game

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American writer of science fiction novels and stories, born in Richland, Washington, educated at Brigham Young University and the University of Utah. As a Mormon, his work could be interpreted as a form of advocacy; but the harsh dispassion of his best novels avert any sense of doctrine. Only in A Woman of Destiny (1984; later much expanded as Saints) and The Folk of the Fringe (1988) does he deal directly with the oddly compelling contours of his faith as a religion conditioned by American history. His science fiction, most notably Ender's Game (1985), Speaker for the Dead (1986), and Xenocide (1991), consists of grandiose tales of the rite of passage from childhood to ruler of the race. Beginning with Seventh Son (1987), Card has also written a series of fantasies about an alternative America.

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