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Alfred Bester Biography

(1913–87), The Demolished Man, Tiger! Tiger!, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Computer Connection

novels fiction tiger science

American writer of science fiction, born in New York, educated at the University of Pennsylvania. He is best known for his short stories of the 1950s and for his novels The Demolished Man (1953), which combined science fiction and the thriller in its depiction of a murderer who attempts to outwit the police in a society of the future, and Tiger! Tiger! (1956), which transposed the plot of A. Dumas's The Count of Monte Cristo (1844) into a 25th-century world of predatory corporations, space travel, and exorbitant passions. Bester's work influenced the new writers in the genre of the 1960s including S. R. Delany, T. M. Disch, and R. Zelazny. His later novels include The Computer Connection (1975).

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