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J. D. Beresford (John Davys Beresford) Biography

(1873–1947), (John Davys Beresford), Jacob Stahl, A Candidate for Truth, The Invisible Event, The Hampdenshire Wonder


British novelist, born in Castor, Northamptonshire, educated at Oundle School. After many years working as a draughtsman in an architect's office he turned to fiction. He received high praise from the critics with his first novel, Jacob Stahl (1911), the first volume of a trilogy which also included A Candidate for Truth (1912) and The Invisible Event (1915). He continued to produce many more realistic and traditional novels including several science fiction works, such as The Hampdenshire Wonder (1911), Goslings (1913), and The Camberwell Miracle (1933), which presented a dark view of the consequences of change in the manner of H. G. Wells.

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