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Meena Alexender Biography

(1951– ), The Bird's Bright Wing, I Root My Name, Stone Roots

poems indian including university

Indian poet and writer, born in Allahabad to a Christian family from Kerala, educated at Khartoum University and the University of Nottingham; she subsequently became resident in the USA. After she published several volumes of poetry in India, including The Bird's Bright Wing (1976), I Root My Name (1977), and Stone Roots (1980), she produced The House of a Thousand Doors (1989), a volume composed of poems and prose examining the recesses of the author's personal and historical memory, as well as her experiences of travel and migration. The volume of memoirs Fault Lines (1992) tells, in lyrical prose that combines the meditative with the analytical, the stories that underlie the poems. Nampalli Road (1991) is a novel of social and feminist concerns, including police brutality and rape, set in the Indian city of Hyderabad. River and Bridge (1993) is a collection of recent poems, some of an overtly political nature.

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