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Michael Abbensetts Biography

(1938– ), Sweet Talk, Alterations, Samba, In the Mood, Outlaw, El Dorado, Home Again

plays black play

Guyanese play-wright, born in British Guyana, educated there and in Quebec and Montreal. His plays offer a view of black immigrant life in Britain and present difficult situations within a broad tradition of comedy. The humour arises primarily from incongruity, though there are fine instances of verbal felicity and wit. He established his reputation with his play Sweet Talk in 1973, and in 1974 became dramatist-in-residence at the Royal Court Theatre, London. His other stage plays include Alterations (1978), Samba (1980), In the Mood (1981), Outlaw (1983), and El Dorado (1984). Among his many radio plays are Home Again (1975), The Sunny Side of the Street (1977), Brothers of the Sword (1978), The Fast Lane (1980), and The Dark Horse (1981), but he has reached his widest audience with his television plays, such as The Museum Attendant (1973), Inner City Blues (1975), Crime and Passion (1976), Black Christmas (1977), Roadrunner (1977), Empire Road (1977; a series), and Easy Money (1982).

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over 7 years ago

I am trying to discover myself through the family name of Abbensetts