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Zelazny, Roger

(US, 1937– )

Zelazny was born in Ohio and educated at Columbia University. He worked for the US Social Security before becoming a full-time science fiction writer in 1969. Begin with The Dream Master (1966), in which unforeseen hazards await a therapist who has become capable of entering patients’ minds. In Lord of Light (1967) space travellers on a remote world impose an hierarchical order by installing themselves as Hindu gods. This Immortal (1966) is set on Earth after a devastating catastrophe. The immortal Konrad Nomikos has custody of the planet and conducts an extra-terrestrial visitor through many bizarre dangers. The escaped alien in Eye of Cat (1982) uses telepathic powers to track down the man who originally captured him. The latter seeks refuge in the homeland of his Navajo ancestors and enters a protective shamanistic trance.

Larry Niven, Frederick Pohl, Robert Silverberg  DH

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