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Shea, Michael

mark spin public ivor

(British, 1938– )

This former press secretary to the Queen has latterly become known as a writer of well-crafted political thrillers, typically dealing with the intrigues hidden behind the cleanest façades of public life. Start with Spindoctor (1995), about the legendary Mark Ivor, the greatest spin-doctor of them all (fictional, of course). Next read Spinoff (1999), probably Shea's best book to date. Mark Ivor (now Sir Mark) has been replaced at the forefront of his profession by young Lyle Thane, the brilliant and single-minded spin-doctor to the PM. Thane finds himself trying to control a hugely sensitive story—what appears to be a case of biological warfare, a deadly virus attacking a number of prominent public figures, including the top man in No. 10 himself.

Robert Ludlum, Michael Dobbs, Frederick Forsyth  DHa

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