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Seymour, Gerald

(British, 1941– )

Formerly a television news reporter, Seymour became a full-time writer in 1978. Begin with Harry's Game (1975), in which an undercover agent in Ireland is both hunter and hunted in tracking down an IRA assassin. An Englishman working with the African National Congress awaits execution in South Africa in A Song in the Morning (1986). His estranged son is galvanized into attempting a rescue. A young Englishwoman working as a nanny in Sicily in Killing Ground (1997) is central to plans for the arrest of the Mafia drugs boss who employs her. In The Heart of Danger (1995) a cynical private detective is hired by a couple seeking information about their daughter's death in a Croatian village. What he learns makes him committed to ensuring the conviction of a Serbian war criminal.

Colin Forbes, Jack Higgins, Robert Harris  DH

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