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Pagnol, Marcel

water writer

Pagnol, Marcel

(French, 1895–1974)

Pagnol was born in the Provençal town of Aubagne, and worked as a school-teacher after serving in the First World War. Following the success of his plays, he became a full-time writer in 1928 and later, a noted film-maker. Begin with The Water of the Hills (1962), a nostalgic depiction of life in the Provence of his youth. The story concerns a long-standing feud among farmers over rights to a water supply. It is in two parts, Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources, which were filmed by Claude Berri in 1986. His other major work as a prose writer is the Souvenirs d'Enfance trilogy, a richly lyrical recollection of childhood. The first two parts are published in English as My Father's Glory and My Mother's Castle (formerly titled The Days Were Too Short, 1957).

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