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MacLaverty, Bernard

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(British, 1942– )

MacLaverty was born and brought up in Belfast. He worked as a lab technician for ten years before reading English at university and becoming a teacher. He moved to Glasgow after graduation. In his novel Lamb (1980) he deals with the consequences of Ulster's sectarian violence. Brother Sebastian, né Michael Lamb, runs away from a reformatory with a 12-year-old boy, which the press and police regard as kidnap. Lamb sees it as rescuing an abused child, however, and the pressures on Lamb drive the situation to a terrible crisis. Again, in Cal (1983) MacLaverty deals with terrorist violence in the province. Cal, a young man living with his father, is attacked as a member of the only Catholic family on their estate. The novel traces the protagonist's tragic love-affair and the ways in which he becomes embroiled in terrorist activities whilst trying to avoid it at all costs. Cal is a brilliant account of the ways in which the complex political and religious situation in Northern Ireland inevitably enmeshes all its citizens. MacLaverty was short-listed for the Booker Prize for his novel Grace Notes (1997). This is about a young composer, Catherine McKenna, and her relationships with her parents back in Northern Ireland and her daughter in Glasgow as she struggles with depression and the ability to compose.

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