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Ludlum, Robert

immune world war fight

(US, 1927–2001)

Author of a best-selling series of taut action thrillers, Ludlum was a master of the conspiracy theory, pitting his heroes against complex and murderous webs of corrupt vested interests. No institution, be it church, state, or corporate, is immune from infiltration; the fight for decency and justice is left to the individual who can trust no one except, perhaps, the woman who wins his heart. Traditional enemies feature strongly—settings include the Second World War (The Rheinman Exchange, 1975, The Bourne Identity, 1980); the cold war (The Matarese Circle, 1979), and the fight against international terrorism (The Scorpio Illusion, 1993)—but in Ludlum's world, corruption has deeper roots than the obvious. Even Ivy League universities are not immune (The Matlock Papers, 1973).

Tom Clancy, Frederick Forsyth, Colin Forbes. See SPY  KB

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