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Leasor, James

gold love

(British, 1923– )

Formerly a journalist, Leasor's best-known books hinge on the investigative talents of Dr Jason Love, whose collector's taste in motor cars provides a characteristic feature of the stories. Begin with Frozen Assets (1989), in which Love is pursued in an expensive vintage model by warring Afghani tribesmen. In Host of Extras (1973) he and his trusty mechanic nurse a 1930s’ Mercedes towards dangerous encounters in Sicily. The army officer who resigns his commission in Ship of Gold (1984) gets away from it all with a temporary job in Portugal. Violence and intrigue await, as he realizes he is involved in more than an attempt to raise sunken gold. Who Killed Sir Harry Oakes? (1983) is a novelistic treatment of the murder of a member of the Duke of Windsor's circle in the Bahamas.

Gladys Mitchell, Ian Fleming, Clive Cussler  DH

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