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Lamb, Charlotte

question senator

(British, 1937– )

Having written over a hundred books for Mills and Boon, Charlotte Lamb is also the author of In the Still of the Night (1995), a romantic thriller in which the two men who were most important in the youth of television star Annie Lang are suspects in the hunt for her stalker. After several murders, the reader is unsure which of three or four people has done it. Walking in Darkness (1996) is about a US Senator with his eyes on the White House, and a young Czech journalist who is trying to ask an awkward question. What her question is, and why the Senator is so keen to stop her asking, is revealed early on—but behind this secret is another, far more shattering. Deep and Silent Waters (1998) is a story of murder and lust set in Venice, with another good and intricate plot.

Daphne du Maurier, Mary Wesley, Sue Gee  FS

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