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Grossmith, George

weedon london diary british

(British, 1847–1912)

and Weedon (British, 1854–1919) Both brothers were born in London, and eventually found their way onto the stage. George worked initially as a journalist, then later performed in many Gilbert and Sullivan operas; Weedon began his career as a painter, then joined a touring theatre company. The Diary of a Nobody (1892) was a collaboration, first appearing as a serial in Punch magazine. It concerns the affairs of Mr Charles Pooter and his wife, members of the genteel Victorian London lower-middle class, and tells in diary form of their mishaps and trials. It is tremendously funny, and its appeal has not diminished over the years. It was illustrated by Weedon, with excellent contemporary detail.

Sue Townsend, Helen Fielding, Nigel Williams. See HUMOUR  SA

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