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Graham, Laurie

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(British, 1947– )

Graham writes journalism and non-fiction as well as novels. Her novels are funny and direct, dealing with ordinary lives. Begin with The Ten O'Clock Horses (1996), which is set in 1962 and describes the life crisis of housepainter Ronnie, as he realizes that the swinging sixties are dawning all around him, and that his wife (and life) are boring. He imagines becoming a real painter, and learning languages; he embarks on an affair with a sophisticated married woman. Graham's economical prose, and revealingly accurate dialogue, touch lightly on subjects which also have tragic potential. The Dress Circle (1998) is narrated matter-of-factly by Ba, married for twenty-nine years to Bobs. They have grandchildren, and a racehorse, but Ba suddenly discovers that Bobs also has women's clothes and lingerie bills in his wardrobe. Graham's sixth novel, Dog Days, Glenn Miller Nights (2000), the inner dialogue of a proud, stubborn old lady, a pensioner in a London Tower block, is reminiscent of Alan Bennett's Talking Heads in its mixture of humour and pathos.

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