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Ghosh, Amitav

indian history politics calcutta

(Indian, 1956– )

If you want an ambitious, imaginative, and thought-provoking read, Amitav Ghosh, not as well known as he deserves to be, will be a delight. More cleverly plotted and grounded in detail than Rushdie or García Márquez, not to mention easier to follow, The Circle of Reason (1986) has an extraordinary cast of characters and moves from Indian village politics to Calcutta and North Africa. The Shadow Lines (1988) reconstructs Indian and English history through childhood friends, linking private relationships with larger politics. Ghosh's writing is inventive and up-to-the-minute; The Calcutta Chromosome (1996), is a dazzling mix of cyberfiction, science, and history. Ghosh is also a travel writer and anthropologist.

Lawrence Norfolk, Angela Carter.


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