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French, Marilyn

women story tells feminist

(US, 1929– )

Marilyn French, feminist philosopher and theorist, is best known as the author of The Women's Room (1977), a landmark in feminist writing which encapsulated the rise of the women's movement. Set in 1968 it tells the story of Mira Ward, suburban wife and mother, lonely and depressed, who returns to school and begins to re-examine her life. The novel depicts the reality of women's lives and examines gender divisions, the subordination of women, and the potential for change and liberation. Bleeding Heart (1980) tells the story of a relationship between Dolores and Victor, two Americans living in London who must return to their families at the end of the year. It is an intelligent love-story which explores issues of communication, guilt, expectations, and power. Our Father (1994) explores the stories of four women as they wait for their father to regain consciousness.

Marge Piercy, Fay Weldon, Doris Lessing. See SEXUAL POLITICS  CS

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