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Francis, Clare

past hal jan

(British, 1946– )

Clare Francis, formerly a popular yachtswoman, has written three books about her voyages but is now better known for her best-selling novels of adventure and suspense. Begin with the strongly plotted Wolf Winter (1987), which opens in Norway in 1945, as the young Hal Starheim helps two young men fleeing from the Nazis. Fifteen years later his old friend Jan is one of two men shot dead on a secret cold war mission. Hal's investigations forge links between the past and present, gradually uncovering the extent to which Jan was betrayed. Move on to Red Crystal (1985), where Nick Ryder attempts to outwit a gang of international terrorists, and Betrayal (1995), as Hugh Wellesley's past is scrutinized and difficult questions raised during the police enquiry into the murder of his former lover, Sylvie.

Frederick Forsyth, Michael Crichton, Evelyn Anthony  SR

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