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Fine, Anne

family doubtfire

(British, 1947– )

Anne Fine was born in Leicester and educated at the University of Warwick. She is best known for her books for children and teenagers, which have enjoyed tremendous popularity. Goggle-Eyes (1989) tells how the schoolgirl Kitty tries to come to terms with her divorced mother's new boyfriend. Anne Fine handles this difficult subject with realism and humour. In Madame Doubtfire (1987) an estranged father attempts to re-enter his family by disguising himself as a nanny. The novel was filmed under the title Mrs Doubtfire, starring Robin Williams. Flour Babies (1992) concerns a boy's attempt to care for an artificial baby as a school project. Anne Fine also writes for adults; her novels tend to be black comedies of family life. Try Telling Liddy (1998), about the effect of family secrets.

Berlie Doherty, Beryl Bainbridge.


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