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Eddings, David

sequence returns garion magical

(US, 1931– )

Eddings was born in Spokane and educated at the University of Washington. He worked for Boeing Aircraft before becoming a full-time writer of fantasy novels. Enter his world of magical epics with Pawn of Prophecy (1983), which opens the Belgariad quintet. Garion is fated by legend to undertake a quest to save a realm imperilled by reawakening evil. Enchanter's Endgame (1984) concludes the sequence as Garion, now a sorcerer, returns through hazardous wilderness with the magical orb he has sought. The Elenium sequence begins with The Diamond Throne (1989), in which the knight Sparhawk returns from exile to find his queen encased in a block of crystal. A later tale, The Hidden City (1994), finds Sparhawk allying himself with the Troll gods to overcome the arch-enemy Klael.

J. R. R. Tolkien, T. H. White.


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