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Dobbs, Michael

(British, 1948– )

Michael Dobbs is well-qualified to write political thrillers. In 1979 he was at Mrs Thatcher's side when she first stepped into No. 10 as Prime Minister, and in 1994 he was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party. His greatest creation is the horribly captivating character of Francis Urquhart, immortalized by Ian Richardson in the BBC television series. To Play the King (1992) is the second in the House of Cards trilogy, in which Urquhart, now Prime Minister, faces his greatest challenge yet: opposition from the popular and idealistic young King, by the name of Charles. But, of course, Urquhart is not a man to let anyone stand in his way to absolute power. Not even an hereditary monarch of Britain.

Gore Vidal, Tom Sharpe  CH

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