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Andrews, Lyn

family world liverpool war

(British, 1943– )

Born and brought up in Liverpool, Andrews has made Merseyside the setting of her very popular family stories. Begin with The Leaving of Liverpool (1992), in which a young lady's maid in 1919 dreams of having a grander life, through association with her mistress's shell-shocked brother, but then marries a drunken man her family despises. Mist Over the Mersey (1994) chronicles lives in a Liverpool slum street during the First World War, in particular for a rich family who have come down in the world. When Tomorrow Dawns (1998) is set at the end of the Second World War and follows the story of a young widowed mother and her son.

  Mary Jane Staples, Helen Forrester, Maisie Mosco  JR

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