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Almond, David

skellig adults extraordinary children

(British, 1951– )

David Almond worked for many years as a teacher and had several books for adults published before receiving great acclaim for his first children's novel, Skellig (1998), which won the Carnegie Medal. Almond's writing has tremendous power: it is at once lyrical and completely accessible, and every word rings clear and true. His books are as enjoyable for adults as they are for older children and teenagers. In Skellig, Michael had been looking forward to moving house but everything has gone wrong: his baby sister is very ill and his parents are too preoccupied to devote any time to him. But then he discovers an extraordinary creature called Skellig hidden in the garage of his new home, and through their growing relationship his life begins to change forever. Also recommended are Heaven Eyes (2000), which tells of a group of runaways who meet an extraordinary girl in a disused warehouse, and Kit's Wilderness (1999).

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