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Gaius Marcius Coriolanus

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Coriolanus, Gaius Marcius (fl.5th century B.C.), Roman general. Capturing the town of Corioli from the Volscians, Roman enemies, Coriolanus won both a reputation for bravery and his last name. During a famine in 491 B.C., Coriolanus proposed that grain be given to the poor only if they surrendered their right to elect representatives. To express their indignity, the people exiled Coriolanus, who responded by joining the Volscians. According to legend, he led their army to the gates of Rome, where he was stopped from seizing the city only by the pleading of his wife and mother. The betrayed Volscians then killed Coriolanus. The story is told in Shakespeare's tragedy Coriolanus.

See also: Rome, Ancient.

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