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Confucianism, philosophy based on the thinking of Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher and moralist. Confucianism teaches a moral and social philosophy and code of behavior based on certain abstract qualities and strengths, such as love, peace, harmony, order, humanity, wisdom, courage, and fidelity, without appealing to any ultimate higher authority or God. Heaven is the highest state one can attain, although no actual God-personality exists. One arrives at this perfect state by cultivating virtues such as curiosity, knowledge, patience, and sincerity, and by developing a personality based on the harmony of emotions and the harmony between the self and the universe. Thus people take their place in the universal pattern of creation, and immortality is won by those whose good name lives after them. Confucianism also has a strong social and political message. It teaches that individuals must not only cultivate themselves but must also enrich other people's lives.

See also: Confucius.

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