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Charles, name of 10 kings of France. Charles I was Charlemagne. Charles II (the Bald; 823–77) reigned as king of the West Franks from 843 and as emperor of the West from 875. Numerous revolts and invasions troubled his reign, culturally the last flowering of the Carolingian renaissance. Charles III (the Simple; 879–929), grandson of Charles II, reigned (893–923). Charles IV (the Fair; 1294–1328) reigned from 1322. Charles V (the Wise; 1337–80) reigned as regent 1356–60 and as king from 1364. In poor health, he nevertheless put down a peasant uprising and various plots by his nobles. He declared war upon England in 1369 and before his death had regained most French territory occupied by the English. Charles VI (the Mad; 1368–1422) reigned from 1380. Corrupt advisers often ruled in his stead. England overran most of northern France, and Charles was forced to name Henry V of England his heir. Charles VII (1403–61) reigned from 1422. Early in his reign he was unwilling to challenge the English occupation of France, and he allowed Joan of Arc to be burned as a heretic. Later Charles introduced tax reforms, rebuilt his army, and regained all occupied territory except Calais. Charles VIII (1470–98) reigned from 1483. Charles IX (1550–74), who reigned 1560–98, was dominated by his mother, Catherine de Médici. Charles X (1757–1836) reigned 1824–30. He returned to France from exile after the restoration of the monarchy, becoming king on the death of his brother Louis XVIII. He was exiled again after the 1830 revolution.

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