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Barrymore, name of a noted Anglo-American theatrical family. The father was the British actor Herbert Blythe (1847–1905), who adopted the stage name Maurice Barrymore and came to the United States in 1875, marrying actress Georgina Drew. Lionel Barrymore (1878–1954), their eldest child, became an outstanding stage, radio, and film actor, continuing to perform even after arthritis had confined him to a wheelchair. Ethel Barrymore (1879–1959), famous for her style and wit, gave many distinctive performances on stage and screen, winning an Academy Award for her supporting role in None But the Lonely Heart (1944). John Barrymore (1882–1942) was a distinguished interpreter of Shakespearean roles, particularly Richard III (1920) and Hamlet (1922). Later he became a popular and flamboyant film actor, nicknamed “the great profile.” His children Diana Barrymore (1921–60) and John Barrymore, Jr. (1932–) also became actors.

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