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Francisco Franco

spain spanish war dictator

Franco, Francisco (1892–1975), Spanish general, dictator of Spain from 1939. Franco commanded Spanish troops in Spanish Morocco 1912–27, helping to suppress rebellion against colonial domination. In 1934 he helped put down a leftist revolt in Spain. After leftists won national elections in 1935, the military plotted to overthrow the government. Civil war broke out in 1936, and Franco became commander in chief and dictator of the right-wing Nationalists, supported by the fascist governments of Italy and Germany. In the post-World War II period his rule became less totalitarian, but he retained power. In the late 1960s increasing unrest caused him to harden the regime once more; he remained in control until shortly before his death, when he named Prince Juan Carlos to rule as king and successor.

See also: Spain.

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