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American Samoa

united pacific territory pago

American Samoa, unincorporated U.S. territory in the South Pacific, about 2,300 mi (3,700 km) southwest of Hawaii, with a total area of 76 sq mi (197 sq km). The territory consists of 7 islands: Tutuila (site of the capital, Pago Pago), the Manua group (Aununu, Ofu, Tau, Olosega), Rose, and Swains. The region is mountainous and tropical. The native Polynesians speak Samoan and English, live in villages, and practice Christianity. The leading industry is tuna canning. Agricultural products include coconuts, bananas, and taro. Samoa was divided between the United States and Germany, by treaty, in 1899; the eastern portion was administered by the U.S. Navy until 1951, when it passed to the jurisdiction of the Department of the Interior. American Samoans are nationals, but not citizens of the United States. They elect a governor, a legislature, and a nonvoting delegate to the U.S. Congress.

See also: Pacific Islands.

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