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Thebes, ancient Greek city located on same site as the modern-day Greek city of Thivai. It headed an alliance, or confederacy, of Greek city-states called Boeotia. As a rival of Athens—a southeastern neighbor about 30 miles away—Thebes supported an invasion of Athens by Persia (480 B.C.). Thebes also sided with Sparta against Athens in the Peloponnesian War (431–404 B.C.). After this war Thebes was dominated by Sparta until a Theban victory by Epaminondas (371 B.C.) made Boeotia powerful once again. Thebes was controlled by other city-states after the death of Epaminondas. Alexander the Great sacked Thebes (336 B.C.); the city was rebuilt 20 years later.

See also: Greece, Ancient.

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