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Stanley and Livingstone

Stanley and Livingstone, British explorers in Afica. David Livingstone (1813–73) traveled to southern Africa as a missionary and remained on the continent for the rest of his life. His interest in geography ignited a coast-to-coast journey in which he followed the Zambezi River (1853–56). Victoria Falls was named by him, the first European to see it (1855). He met Henry Morton Stanley (1841–1904) while on Lake Tanganyika (1871).Stanley was a reporter employed by the New York Herald (1869) to find Livingstone, believed lost in the interior of Africa. Upon discovering Livingstone, Stanley, instead of returning with him to New York, joined Livingstone in a search for the source of the Nile River. After Livingstone's death, Stanley explored the Congo River (1874–77) in a grueling journey that ended up on the Atlantic coast. He helped found the Free Congo State for the king of Belgium, recognized in 1885. He described his African experience in 2 books, In Darkest Africa (1890) and Through South Africa (1898). He served in the British Parliament (1895–1900) and was knighted (1899).

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