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All In One Color Printers - Comparison of All in One Color Printers

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As anyone familiar with cell phones knows, the trend in modern electronics is toward consolidation. Consumers are no longer happy with completely separate machines to take care of all their home-office needs. Thus was born the family of all-in-one color printers. Depending on who you talk to, all-in-one means different things. Some all-in-one printers combine the functions of a printer, scanner, and copier. Others say they have to also include fax capability. Because of this discrepancy, some manufacturers call their models multifunction printers (MFP). One reason why all-in-one color inkjet printers are so popular is because they are about the same price, or only slightly higher, than a model that is only a printer. MFP models come in entry-level, mid-level, and high-end versions. For the most part, the higher the price, the more features the all-in-one color printer will have. Quality of the output, however, remains very high even for the entry-level models.

Here are some of the most popular all in one color printers:

• Canon Pixma MP 490 – This MFP is often rated as the best budget model priced under $100. It has no fax, but produces high-quality prints and photos. It uses one black ink cartridge and one tri-color cartridge. It features a 1.8” LCD display, and prints 8.7 pages per minute (ppm). Scans are fast, and ink prices for black prints average 5.5 cents per page.

• Epson Workforce 610 – The Workforce 610 includes an independently-working fax and benefits from a sleek design. Because it is compact, paper jams are difficult to clear, but this happens infrequently. Printing is fast and of high-quality. Top print speed is 15 ppm. Features include Wi-Fi connectivity, high-capacity, individual-color ink cartridges, and a 30-page auto-feeder.

• HP Photosmart Premium Fax C309 – The Photosmart C309 has more features than most every other model. These features include a 2.4” LCD display, USB flash-drive port, Bluetooth, multiple memory card ports, duplex printing, 50-page auto-feed, and Wi-Fi networking. Functional print speed is at 20 ppm.

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